Architectural Review Board

These documents are intended to ensure that the initial design or modification of each Montebello home will not only comply with requirements of the Montebello Covenants but will also fit in with other homes in each of our neighborhoods. Additionally, they are intended to minimize disruption to current residents during construction while not unnecessarily impacting builders’ construction schedules and costs.

Montebello has an Architectural Review Board (ARB).  Property owners are required to obtain ARB plan approvals in advance of new home construction, existing exterior home improvements, and all landscaping plans, ranging from modifying the exterior or landscaping of an existing home, clearing a lot to build a new home, or landscaping an adjacent lot.

No improvements can be made to a lot without approval from the ARB. The ARB must approve all improvement plans, ranging from simply clearing the lot, to building a new home and landscaping the surrounding lot. The ARB has three major roles:

  1. Approving new construction plans and the landscaping plans pertaining thereto (New Construction in Montebello)
  2. Approving modifications to the exterior of existing homes and surrounding landscapes.
  3. Approving who is allowed to build in Montebello (Approved Builder Process)

To obtain ARB approval, you must complete the appropriate paperwork and contact the Montebello Property Manager at [email protected] to submit it. Explanatory materials and application forms are located below.  For any questions, contact [email protected].

Montebello Covenants and Restrictions

Existing Homes:

Any change to the exterior of an existing home (including paint colors, roof replacement, renovations, additions, or other improvements) or to landscaping must be approved by the ARB before changes are undertaken.  Refer to the document NEW CONSTRUCTION IN MONTEBELLO and the Montebello Covenants for details about requirements.

Please download and complete the following form then email to [email protected]:


Downloadable form

New Construction:

These builders are approved to build in Montebello. Other builders may apply to build a house.  The documents in the next section include the requirements and the application procedure.


Approved Builder Process:

– Approved Builder Program

– New Builder Application Form

– Builder Banking Reference

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